Some Stuff I Created...

Here are some piece of software, among others, I coded on my spare time. I tested a lot of languages/scripts like Pascal, Shell Script, Python, Javascript, PHP, HTML...

For my more details about those applications and download feel free to have look at one of my git repositories below :


Transilien Next Trains
 Ruby, Coffeescript, HTML & CSS

A Dashing / Smashing widget which displays the next train departures and status for your favorite train station of Transilien, the main suburban railway network of Paris (around 400 train stations and 14 Lines). Optionaly you can filter trains by adding an Arrival Station to show only a specific journey. This widget relies on the SNCF Open Data Transilien API and has been tested succesfully for several stations on RER E, RER B, RER D and Paris Saint-Lazare lines.


My Stocks - Coming Soon !
 Ruby, Coffeescript, HTML & CSS

A Dashing / Smashing widget which displays your favorites stocks in real time.
Coming soon...


TV Mosaic - Discontinued !
 FreePascal, GTK+, SQLite...

This application is no longer developped. To watch & record TV on Linux I would suggest to use the great Tvheadend software...

Simple Linux application, mainly based on MPlayer and ImageMagick, that gives a mosaic view of the TV channels from a DVB tuner. It allows to get a clear and convenient overview of current TV broadcasts without manual zapping. After channels scan a simple clic on relevant capture plays or records a channel Application coded using Freepascal and GTK+ (Glade + libglade) and released under Creative Commons license.

TV Mosaic requires GTK+ version 2.12.x and some other dependencies including : A DVB Tuner, MPlayer, ImageMagick, GTK2 libraries, LibGlade, Gnome-menus, Gnome-osd, Mencoder, SQLite.

Multiple Professional Developments...
 Python, Shell Script (bash, ksh...), Javascript, Wavemaker, HTML, CSS, API...

During my career I coded many many things mostly to automate, simplify and make my (and other's) life easier. So obviously most of those developments were focused around database and big data topics. For that I used multiple languages and tools suitable to relevant purposes.

Carte des Meilleures Villes de France !

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